New Products

The latest baits added to the range

Blue Ice RTGS


A new addition to the range,Blue Ice flavour RTGS,soft and damp straight out of the bag, ideal for on the method! 

With the unique new Blue Ice aroma!

Blue Ice Boosts


Two new Boosts to our range, Blue Ice in natural,with the lovely Blue  Ice flavour but no colour,ideal for flavouring GBS and baits!

Blue Ice Boost with a strong Blue colour and flavour, great for colouring and flavouring fishery own bland coarse pellets!

Blue Ice Gofters


New Blue Ice 6mm Gofters in white, these little 6mm  hookbaits are just the job fished with our RTGs on the method, a Guru QM1 size 16 holds them down giving great presentation over the feeder! 

Blue Ice Groundbait


A very strong powerful groundbait that also makes a great paste as well, quite heavy so ideal for down the margins when looking for large fish!

Boosted Hemp


Boosted Hemp in many of our favourite flavours arriving here very soon!

So Simple Clothing


We now have a  So Simple clothing range a more detailed list will be available soon, we make orders for our bespoke clothing every few weeks, please just message to find out more about our Super Shell,Hoodies ,Polos,Ts,Beannies and caps!

Boosted FA Corn


We have been experimenting with Boosted corn in our neat FA Conc Juices,these hookbaits have just provided us with some amazing results, small, juicy,light, grains of corn,but strong enough to hair with a quick stop, hopefully we will add these to the range very soon!

BOB GB/Paste!


BOB or Bagging On Blue is our new Blue Ice flavoured gb great for down the margins as very strong and heavy but also makes a fantastic paste!

Blue RTGs


Soft,damp and cool out of the bag ready to go micros, ideal for the method, in the new amazing Blue Ice flavour!

Dual Colour Hoodie!


Navy and Red  or Black and Red if you prefer, new hoodies, great new design lovely and warm, new order going in beginning of June for all clothing!

Lava new Rocks


Arriving soon in the Bog Shed, we are trialling new rocks,ideal for mixing in with your feeder mixes to give added attraction and holding power!

Blue Ice Hards!


Now available in micro,4,6,8 and huge 11mms, all in blue with the gorgeous new Blue Ice flavours!