Our Baits

Our product list and information on our baits


Baninion Crush

The new Baninion Crush, we have been working on this for a while. Several of our lads have been trialling with tremendous results. The lads have used it neat or mixed with BMG or BOG and found it great for silvers and carp! It has several new ingredients to us at The Bog Shed, this is not just an out an out sweet fishmeal GB, it has some fantastic varied cereals in its make up, but it is not lacking in kick!

BOG (Bagging On Green)

BOG (Bagging on Green), very powerful green ground bait, the BOG has several ingredients all fish find hard to resist, a bit like a fry up really, naughty but nice! The BOG can be used as a traditional ground bait, fantastic for margins or balling in long, through a pole pot loose or in small nuggets, but it also makes a fantastic paste, hard, soft sloppy however you or the fish prefer it!

BMG (Black Magic Gold) / BMGX

We have been producing this groundbait for almost 8 years, it is a very dark, rich brown in colour, we have used some of the best quality fishmeals/biscuits available to produce the BMG, it is quite sweet which makes it ideal for skimmer/bream fishing but is ideal for cold water carp fishing used in conjunction with expanders, dead maggots,worms or meat! 

Our BMGX is a much more powerful groundbait with several very strong fishmeals also added!   

FA1 Sweet Groundbait

Our new Sweet FA1 has taken bream and silver fishing by storm in the last few months, a very sweet mix, quite heavy, takes a lot of water,so ideal for the whip or pole as is very sticky as well so can carry a lot of feed and get it down quickly to the catch zone! 

Passes the tongue test with flying colours, just has to be the sweetest groundbait ever!

FA2 Fruity Sweet Groundbait

Our new FA2 is very fruity and sweet but has a kick, with more fishmeal than its brother the FA1! 

A dark heavy mix, ideal for margin carp fishing,it can also be used as a paste, as quite sticky, has the most amazing aroma,bit like walking through a fairground,the smell of candy floss!

Kriller X strong fishmeal Groundbait

The Kriller X has arrived, our most powerful natural fishmeal groundbait ever to come out of the Bog shed, has all of the Bog strong ingredients and more, an ideal margin mix, as very heavy, takes a lot of water,also makes a terrific paste, but be careful as it is very strong, some of the group have cut it with FA1 with brilliant results!

GRP Original Red Gonut Paste

GRP has been around for a long time and has a proven track record,we have now added several of the main BOG ingredients to this special mix, the GRP doubles up and can be used as a ground bait if mixed a little dryer,it is quite open and fluffy!

We have recently upgraded this paste to include the Bog particles, it is also a little slower on the breakdown than the original,we have tried to listen to feed back on this to improve the GRP

CO2 Bright and Dark

CO2 Light is a very bright  Choc Orange groundbait, it is sweet, but it has the kick of the Bog and Kriller so a very powerful GB, ideal neat in the method, or mixing with RTGS, it is quite heavy and binds very well for balling, or even when it warms will make a great paste!

CO2 Dark is a very sweet dark GB, about the strength of our BMGX so quite strong, ideal for larger silvers, also great for waters that are very clear and spook easy, mixes really easy, with that amazing CO2 aroma!

Blue Ice Groundbait/Paste

A new Blue coloured groundbait that also makes a fantastic paste, very strong, similar ingredients as the CO2 Light, very powerful, am so sure this is going to be a big favourite with the group! 


The Original Red Gonuts

We have been producing the Gonuts for many years,but only during the last year have they become available to the public online through facebook. Our Gonut range now in Red comes in many sizes,from micros ,Little Red Devils ,4s,6s,8s and even donkey choker 11mms! They are bright rich red in colour with the unique Gonut flavour,the Gonuts as soon as they enter the water release the unique Gonut flavour in a bright red haze,fish finding it impossible to ignore that bright red Gonut flavoured haze!

The Green Bog Gonuts

Very strong slow breakdown holding Gonuts,we make them in micro,4,6,8 and  Donkey Choker 11mms!
A very slow breakdown combining the strong Bog flavours, ideal for the warmer months, when the fish are really ravenous and like a hard strong powerful pellet!

Yellow Baninon Gonuts

Very fast breakdown Yellow Banion flavour Gonuts, these Yellow Gonuts have the Banionion ZZZZZZ when you open the bag, a real zingy flavour, fish seem to love them, we do them in micro,4,6,8 and 11mms, we are still sending out the £11 trial packs a great way to try the Yellow Baninions!

Kriller Hards

Very strong slow breakdown holding Gonuts,we make them in micro,4,6,8 and 11mms!
After almost 25 years of experiences over the years of running Whiteacres and Staffordmoor it was very apparent that from May till the end of August the carp really had huge appetites, really wanting an oily strong heavy pellet, one that could hold them in your swim for longer, our Krillers do just that!

CO2 Gonuts

Now available in all hard sizes, an amazing aroma, just like Christmas, and someone has just opened the Matchmakers!

Blue Ice Hards

Now available in all sizes from micro to huge 11mms!


Ready to Go Pellets

Our RTGS are are one of our most popular baits, ready to go soft ,damp, sticky micros, straight out of the bag onto a method feeder no water required, ideal also for a conventional feeder just dusted with a little dry Bog or Crush, not like normal micros, these are spongy, you can squeeze them very hard in to the feeder, and they still explode on impact!  Also great for feeding down the margins or out in front on the pole or wag,they stick together that well you can catti on the wag or bomb line! Possibly one of our top baits, such a fantastic holding bait!

Damp and sticky straight out of the bag!

The RTGs are in Yellow Baninion, Green Bog,Black BMG or Red Original Gonut flavours!


FA1 and FA2 RTGs

We now have our RTGs in FA1 and FA2 flavours, you only have to open the bag and these aromas just hit you!

The FA1 very sweet ideal for skimbobs and bream, while the FA2 sweet but very fruity, ideal for carp down the margins or on the method, this is an amazing smell!

A massive addition to the FA range, ideal for silvers and bream!


We now have the CO2 available in micro RTG form, these are a bit special, the amazing  flavour just hits you when you open the bag, going to be a massive new bait this coming spring, but saying that some of the group using these on the method in the cool weather and having great results! 

Blue Ice RTGs

Possibly our most successful new bait this summer, all the great attributes of our soft ready to go micros but with the Unique Blue Ice aroma, for some reason they have been really good used in conjunction with our 6mm Pink FA2 Gofters on the method, some very good results have been sent in to us at the Bog Shed!



Our new range of Gofters that are very high buoyancy, you will find they will float, we have been working really hard to improve these, the new 6,8,11 and 14mms , they do float but a decent size hook balanced to the bait size will hold them down , so they will come up off the bottom the length of your hair, ideal on the method, but proving to be a fantastic hook bait on the pole either dead depth or fished shallow as so light!

They come in 6,8,11 or 14mm sizes, Red Gonut,Choc Orange,Sweet Yellow or Kriller flavours!

We also now have FA1 6mms in white and the FA2s in pink also in 6mms!

These 6mm Gofters are just ideal for the method, a lovely shape,ideal for banding,even if you have thick stumpy fingers!

Four pots your choice of flavour and size for just £15

We quite often do specials on the Gofters and Janners, will post on news when available!


We are just so pleased with new Boosts, we have four flavours at present, Green Bog,Black BMG,Red Gonut and Yellow Baninion,and also now the new amazing FA1 and FA2s they are just so powerful in colour and flavour,these are ideal where you can only use fishery coarse pellets,just a few caps of the juice gives a very bland pellet a new lease of life, you will be amazed at the way these work, also ideal for flavouring or dyeing any hookbaits or giving your GBs more colour and flavour, we have just released the Kriller Sludge a very strong liguid fishmeal also in the 500ml bottle, this is a powerhouse, ideal added onto GBS and expanders!

Concentrate Sprays

Available in five flavours

BMG,Kriller,Choc Orange,Original Gonut and ChocBaninion and now the very strong Kriller juce!

Coming in 50ml spray pots, potent and very powerful!

They are just so powerful,ideal for spraying any hookbaits!

Dead maggots,expanders,corn,meat even good on bread!


Soft Hook Pellets

Red Gonut,Baninion,BMG and Kriller flavours! And now the amazing FA1 and FA2  All Injuiced in their own gorgeous flavours!    A soft hooker that was as good as what you make yourself the night before going fishing, with a really soft texture, but that also holds on the hook when fishing at long distances on the pole or wag, or even being capable of spiking on the tip or method feeder! We believe we have achieved this, the great thing is as well they are shelf life,(4 months) so once you open the pot and leave for the next trip they will still be as good then one week or a month later, fresh and juicy! Juicy Janners!

Ideal on the pole or spiked on the hair of a method or bomb!


New Rocks

New Rocks only just available,a fantastic mix of small holding particles, ideal for adding to your feeder mixes, either method or conventional, a superb mix of fast release new fizzing pellets and slow powerful hard particles from crushed boilies and all of our flavours and baits from the Bog shed, go careful these are very strong! 

Magic Corn

New Magic Corn

New Magic Corn our latest addition to the range, a very small selected young kernel,but tough enough to hair rig and even cast at distance, with a good shelf life, these are ideal for bream fishing, and at the moment are in FA1,FA2 and Baninion flavours, but we are trialling Blue Ice Corn at present!

Boosted Hemp

New Boosted Hemp

We are so pleased to add the Boosted Hemp to our range, 900gms of shelf life Super Boosted flavoured  Hemp in all of our Bog Shed flavours, ideal for adding to groundbait mixes or used on their own to hold and attract fish into your swim